How do i get better at maths?

 Mar 18, 2022

I would suggest:


1)  Always work hard in class and do your homework each day.

2)  Try to understand both the "how to do it" and the "why that works".

         The "why that works" seems to last longer in my brain and if I forget how to do something

          but remember the why, then (usually) I can figure out for the "how."

3)  If possible, work with someone. Usually, this makes the work more enjoyable and if you

         can't do something, the other person (or persons) may be able to explain what you

         need to do.  Also, if you explain something to someone else, it will remain clearer

         in your mind.

4)  Know all the arithmetic facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division tables).

      This will allow you to concentrate on the new stuff without having to spend most of your

      time trying to figure out the old stuff.

5)  Try to understand how the math represents the world. Some students try to memorize 

      geometric facts (parallel lines, corresponding angles, etc) where they could just look around

      the room and see examples of them. 


Good luck!

 Mar 18, 2022

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