Hey guys. I was reading through the old posts and just thinking about those people from long time ago (2016 or before) and started to wonder: what happened to then?


So there are some people, always consistently keeping up their good score and keeping in the top users. (See my profile pic for the ratings as of yesterday.) Then there are the others, nonetheless great answerers, who fell off the leaderboard. (Rom, Geno, tertre, and more) earlier this year. OTHER THAN ROM (left abruptly, see here https://web2.0calc.com/questions/is-there-any-point-to-answering-these-anymore#r5) AND CPHILL (needs a break, that's his last "question" he made), does anyone know what happened to these people? (There are some people who are still there but haven't been online in a while.)


(This is supposed to go into offtopic, but there is nowhere to do that... so please don't get mad at me.)

 Oct 4, 2020
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They're gone.


Most won't come back.


Many people have left this forum.


For what reason, there are many-


And many of which I am uncertain of.


Many do leave, but the most missed are the top people as you mentioned.


When you leave and are inactive for a bit, you are no longer on the leaderboard.

 Oct 4, 2020

That is kinda sad.sad

Nacirema  Oct 4, 2020

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