Nico and Fleur are each designing a fictional bike for their business Science class. Nico determines, through research, that the marginal of producing a bike is


Cz(x)-0.0005x2+0.07x+50, for which C1(x) is the cost for manufacturing her bikes could be modeled by Cz(x)=25x+62.5. Assuming each student's fictional company starts "manufacturing" bikes at the same time.


-what is the domain and range of Nico's functions? Explain what the domain and range represent. Do all of the values make sense in this situation? why or why not?


-what are the x- and y- intercepts of Nico's function? Explain what each intercept represents.


-is the linear function you created positive or negative? Explain.


-what are the solutions or solution to the system of equations created? Explain what it or they represent.

 Oct 23, 2019

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