factor x2-7+12

Guest Mar 6, 2017

I think this is supposed to be :   x^2 + 7x + 12


Factored  =   (x + 3) ( x + 4)


cool cool cool

CPhill  Mar 6, 2017

Yes, just do a thing called the X game.

The X game is putting an X on your paper.

Since the expression is always in order like x^2, x, then a number. Your first term is A, your second is B, and the third is C.

Multiply A and C, then put the sum of that in the top part of the X. Next, take your B and put it in the bottom of the X. You'll now have the left and right side blank. These two spots will be your factored out answer. You need to find two numbers that can be multipied to get the number in the top part of the X, while making sure these two combined equal the amount in the lower part of the X. In this case since the top is 12 and the bottom is -7; the two numbers that would fill the left and right sides are -4 and -3. After you find the two, put your starting variables with the numbers like this: (x-3)(x-4) Easy dood. Wish I could've drawn it for you. You're Welcome.





Gregory Noah Theodore(The Kool Teen)

Guest Mar 6, 2017

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