Please help me


 Oct 9, 2018

I may be wrong, but is the answer 36. If it's correct, just tell me.

 Oct 9, 2018
edited by ant101  Oct 9, 2018

Why do you think it is 36?

Melody  Oct 9, 2018

Hint: Find the interior angle in a decagon.


Thought process: Using the formula, 180(n-2), 180(8)=1440-total degrees. We can divide by 10 to find the interior angle of each side, 1440/10=144. 


And, if you see the line is cutting exactly in the middle, so we have to x angles. We also have 2 decagon angles, which sum to 144(2)=288.


Since there are 360 degrees in a quadrilateral, we yield with the equation of 2x+288=360, 2x=72, x=36 degrees.


I hope I didn't make any silly mistakes! 

 Oct 9, 2018

Thank you everybody, this is my thought process


 Oct 10, 2018

Where are you getting this accurate diagram, when taking a screenshot? Aops?

tertre  Oct 11, 2018
edited by tertre  Oct 11, 2018

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