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l know l can be a white knight out there on the forum, chastising people about off topic ideas. (Disclaimer: l'm not against socialization the forum, l just get on it when it starts to affect others in a malicious way.) All l wanted to know here is about the Regular users here. l've seen many come and go but some have stuck around. Props to you guys for sticking here and helping the community out, which is kind of the point of the forum. Please keep this thread clean. :D

 Dec 1, 2016

Thanks, it's also great to see you on here nearly every day :D

 Dec 1, 2016

I don't know you don't seem to talk to me alot anymore...shame and be careful to every white night there is always one in black never stopping trying to tarnish your armour

 Dec 1, 2016

I know I can get mean and dirty and other stuff but your fine I mean people listen to you

 Dec 1, 2016

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