I'm quite confused with this one and I need help from someone that can solve the problem below. 

Priya says, “I think we should try to use triangles because that is how we proved things congruent before.” Mai says, “I think you’re right, but how? Should we draw in some radii?”

Help them complete the proof. Explain your response. 

 May 15, 2020

Connect OB  and OC....these are radii


We  have  two right triangles 


The radii  are congruent  and  the distance  from O to each chord is the same


The radii serve as the hypotenuse in each triangle  and the distance from O to each chord is a leg


Therefore, by hypotenuse-leg....these triangles are congruent


So the remaining legs  ( B to the  "top"  perpendicular  and  C to the same perpendicular )  are equal


By  the same  reasoning, we can prove  that  the distances from A to its respective perpendicular  and  C to the same perpendicular  are  equal if we  connect  OA  and OC


Thus.....the chords will be equal



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 May 15, 2020

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