The search function really sucks.  

This site has at least two funny trolls who used to visit. One is a chimp and the other is a dog with indigestion.  They made me laugh until I was blue. Do they ever come around anymore?   

It seems like this site needs them more than ever!

 Nov 15, 2015


Yes, the new search function is really poor and the trolls don't come often.

The dog was here last week but it didn't stay long long.  


Maybe he ate too much cat food and is very unwell :(

Maybe you should send him a get well and return quickly card?


I mean you could post it on the forum for him to see.  

A lot of members do not log on very often but they often watch without logging on. 


I miss the 'fun' comedy that used to be here too.  :((

 Nov 15, 2015
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Hi Melody


I have been a member on here for a long while. I came to learn some mathematics but I always look for the funny posts because they always made the day lighter like the comics do in a newspaper.   It is easy to miss posts now because there are so many and the search function is poor.


 With some effort I found some postings from both of them.  The ones I found are a year or so in age. I started laughing again while reading them. Nauseated is one of the names but I don’t remember and couldn’t find the name of the chimp because his early posts were made as a guest most of the time.  It’s driving me bananas trying to remember his name.


Posting a greeting to the chimp and Nauseated is a good idea. Do you think they will see it or be able to find the post?


Have you the link to the recent post made by the Nauseated dog?

 Nov 15, 2015

The most recent Nauseated one was a physics answer. Not intended to be funny and I doubt i would be able to find it.


Here is an old one that you will appreciate. :)             It certainly brought  smile to my face. :)



Yes I think that if you leave a post for Nauseated and maybe even LancelotLink, I think they will eventually see it. 


Just dont include any cat food for Nauseated.  He is nauseated enough!

He'd be partial to a big bone though   :D


Lancelot is more likely to turn up is you bribe him with some bananas. 

Or maybe a banana painting - perhaps you are an artist. indecision

LancelotLink is a connoisseur of fine banana art.  laugh


If you are a member he would be more likely to see it - and you to know about it - if you post under your username. :)

 Nov 15, 2015
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edited by Melody  Nov 15, 2015

Hi Melody,


This is grand! The banana phone was one I was trying to find in the search. My granddaughter likes all things with dogs and chimps. She is not yet old enough to understand the humor but she likes the chimp chasing the banana.  Thank you. I have greatly enjoyed reading this again. I suddenly want a banana daiquiri -- one without spit, of course. 


 My granddaughter is excited about sending a message to a dog and a chimp. She is helping to find a dog bone and banana art.


I have made a few answer posts anonymously, but I never made a post using my name before now. The reason is because of my name that I share with a famous 17th century mathematician, Jacob Bernoulli. This is my real name but that is all that I share with the Bernoulli family and because my mathematics skill is only at a junior high or early high school level it seems disrespectful to my ancestors to post using this name.  


To that end, I suppose I should be content that I was not born into the Einstein family, for I went to high school with an “Alfred Einstein” and an “Isaiah Newton.”  Though they did not fully share the names of the famous physicists, they still could never escape the expectation that went with these names.  Although some of the Bernoulli families of old were as skilled in mathematics as Isaac Newton, the name is not well known except to mathematicians and physicist, so it seemed I was spared the brunt of the public disgrace.


It seems the god of coincidence decided at least one of us should be a worthy namesake of the great physicists of bygone eras.  There too was another student in my high school by the name of Mary Currie. Unlike we three musketeers who felt accomplished if we made a “C” grade, she actually did well in math and everything else too.   When we found ourselves standing in the shadow of a girl-math-whiz, in an era that made this odd, there was only one thing left for us to do. We spread our cloaks before this doll of a girl and fell on our swords while reciting the quadratic formula. We were greatly self-amused, but our dramatics were no better than our mathematics and she was decidedly unimpressed.


Though we musketeers were not worthy of school letters nor would letters ever follow our names, we adored Mary Currie as much for her dazzling mind as for her radiant loveliness.   Twenty years ago, at our schools 30th reunion, we all would meet Mary, again– still lovely as ever, she introduced us to Niels Bohrmann, her husband.


One more thing you may like to know. My granddaughter’s name is Melody Marie. My grandson is named Christopher Phillip. He and Melody Marie are cousins. My nephew’s name is Chad Alan. After visiting this site for more than a year and a half, many of you seem like family to me, I guess you can see why.


Melody Marie is getting a puppy for Christmas. For sure, her mother and father will not let her name him “Nauseated” – such is a pity, but Lancelot should be OK. 


My granddaughter and I will make respectful greetings for Nauseated and for LancelotLink along with an appropriate bribe.


Take care, everyone.   


Jacob Bernoulli

 Nov 16, 2015

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