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f you could create a superpower that hasn't been thought of in a comic or a movie what would it be...mine would be to decide what I'm tasting...for instance if I were to eat brussel sprouts it'd taste like cotten candy

 Oct 11, 2018

I can't say for sure that this hasn't been done in a comic or movie before, and I know that I am not the first person to wish for this "superpower," but sometimes I think it would be cool if I could "save" real life like a game, and then I could reload to a previous save if something goes wrong without losing knowledge of what happened.

 Oct 11, 2018

A “do-over” power is a great idea! I would have used it after my date with Mila.


Mila was a very popular girl in my high school, but she rarely went out with anyone. For whatever reason, she went on a date with me. The date went well, and she even kissed me goodnight. I thought it would be great to slip her the tongue. She smacked the heII out of me and never again would go out with me. Having a “do over” power would have been great. I would have waited until the second or third date to slip her the tongue. 


This super power might have caused me more problems in the long run, though. I didn’t know it then, but Mila had “do over” powers: she married four times in the eighteen years following high school. Number four was her last marriage but not because it was the charm. Her husband took the “death do us part” vow very seriously and strangled her three weeks after vowing to love, honor and cherish.


Mila lost her “do over” powers after that, so she never remarried, and she’s still dead.


Looking back, I’m really glad I never had them. 

Guest Oct 13, 2018
edited by Guest  Oct 13, 2018
edited by Guest  Oct 13, 2018

Charming, guest  :)


Melody  Oct 13, 2018

to know the solution to every maths problem in the world so i dont have to struggle with my d**n course XD

 Oct 11, 2018

Just a little point of interest.

In Australia we call 'Cotton Candy'  'Fairy Floss'


If you asked for cotton candy you would be announcing immediately that you are from the United States. (even without the accent)

 Oct 11, 2018

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