Graph f and h. f(x) = x h(x)=13x+1

pls help solve this

 Oct 28, 2019

f(x)  =  x h(x)  =  13x + 1


By the transitive property of equality,


f(x)  =  13x + 1


Here is the graph of  f:  https://www.desmos.com/calculator/gmr9uc3oer


x h(x)  =  13x + 1     Divide both sides of this equation by  x


h(x)  =  13 + 1/x


Here is the graph of  h:  https://www.desmos.com/calculator/bbndyocwqm


*edit* Now I realize this answer is probably totally wrong, but I will leave it anyway...LOL

 Oct 28, 2019
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well i don't really know what you mean by that OP but you should think of f(x) and h(x) in terms of y! 

remember y=mx+b or in other words slope intercept form

you should use that method and graph normally 

for ex: ill do the first one f(x)=x 

remember!! we think in terms of y! 
f(x)=x would be the same as y = x

now let's evalute our question: 

hmmm doesn't seem like it states the y intercept, so we are gonna plot our y intercept as (0,0) because when they don't "say" the y intercept so basically we are saying y=x+0

and now let's do our slope 
well it seems like you have a slope of wait wait!? x? no.....

note that when they say x it means 1/1x so you would have your rise as 1 and your run as 1 as well and once you have that! you can graph your line :D 

now.... what if they said y=-x? 

well no problem!! it would be -1/1x 


im going to leave the other to you to solve now, and i hope this helped you in some way !! :))

 Oct 29, 2019
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What the hecker nuggests nice job Hectictar and Nirvana!

 Oct 29, 2019

thanks CU!! :DD

Nirvana  Oct 29, 2019

Sorry to interrupt- did you say Hecker Nuggets?

tommarvoloriddle  Oct 29, 2019

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