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The area of a circle is approximately 3.14 times the radius squared. Which of the following expressions is a correct way to write this, if the radius is x?

A. 2(3.14)x

B. x(3.14)^2

C. 3.14x^2

D. (3.14x)^2



Merrill bought m CD's for $12.50 each and n greeting cards for $1.95 each. Which expression best shows how much she spent?

A. 12.50m + 1.95n

B. 12.50 + m + 1.95 + n

C. 14.45(m + n)

D. mn + (12.50)(1.95)

 Nov 18, 2019

C.  3.14 x^2


A. 12.50m + 1.95n



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 Nov 18, 2019

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