Using the words ASAP, or fast, or now, or anything similar in your title.


You're all quite fortunate to have the group of us here that answer your questions.


Most of you show precious little appreciation of it including basic politeness.


We'll get around to your question(s) when we get around to them.

 Jan 4, 2019

Hear, Hear!


Other irritating posting behaviors include:

*Titling the post with Help #, or halppppppppppp  or help pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

*Posting a question as an image –worse, using a link to an image. 

  The links often become inactive after a length of time, and these are very difficult to search for in the archives.  


*Deleting posts after the question is answered.

*Posting numerous, closely-related questions.

  Some students just dump their homework on here with abandon.


*Questions presented without context or related charts, graphs, or tables.

  I wouldn’t expect younger students to have skills in presenting well-couched context, but presenting a proper question (in context) is necessary for learning advanced mathematics.   


*Repeating questions.

  Students repeat questions because the answer is wrong or not understood. Rather than belaboring themselves by asking for clarification, they repost them, without so much as a hesitant “f**k you!” Sometimes the questions are repeated as part of the curriculum (AoPS is well known for this), but the students don’t remember them, nor do they bother to look through their posts, so they just post them again.  Another form of repetition is where a question was previously asked (often many times) by other students. It’s easier to repost the question than research it.  


This doesn’t address the intentional bratty, rudeness I see on here –usually directed toward Melody.  I address this (on what’s left of the post) here: https://web2.0calc.com/questions/good-morning-people-of-web-2-0#r26


Unfortunately, none of these posting behaviors are likely to change as long as the askers receive answers to their questions.  Obnoxious postings of math questions should be categorically locked and hidden and/or edited (with directions for proper posting) to prevent feeding of the bears and the answers’ eventual mulling. Here’s a very funny troll-post that makes a very good point: https://web2.0calc.com/questions/should-you-consider-anything-before-you-answer-a-question#r17 




 Jan 5, 2019
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edited by GingerAle  Jan 6, 2019

Ginger, if you were a moderator then you could set a few bear traps and see how this policy might work.


BTW the link to the brilliant bear-feeding troll post doesn’t work. 


smileyGenetically Enhanced Chimps Rule while Gorillas drool!! laugh 

JacobBernoulli  Jan 6, 2019
edited by GingerAle  Jan 6, 2019

Yes …well, I’m not a moderator, but I am a Genetically Enhanced Chimp, and …


(continued on your post…)  


So, maybe I could test this theory anyway…


But without proper credentials, it’s unethical…and probably illegal. Worst of all, the real moderators might be really, really pissed at me. I would have to stay in the high treetops to avoid the incoming missiles of banana peels, mangos, and small coconuts they’d throw at me.


Living in the treetops may seem like the highlife, but it would become tiresome, quickly.indecision  It is a nice place to visit, though. smiley   


The brilliant, bear-feeding-troll-post link now works.




GingerAle  Jan 6, 2019

That is COOL!

Genetically enhanced Chimps really do rule!   

JacobBernoulli  Jan 9, 2019

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