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This math question (if it could be called that) is BS! There is enough ambiguity to give credence to several answers, or to none. There is no consensus among mathematicians (professional or amateur) for a correct solution. (There is a consensus for what isn’t a solution.)


While the question is plain BS, the solution you posted in #19 is pure BS!



This is one line.


This is another line.

You get it right.

Only the bottom line counts.




What makes the final line valid and the lines above it invalid? Does the multiplication sign or the zero have magical powers?  It seems that it does.indecision


This incredibly incompetent bullshit comes from a YouTube post by user Jack Rosenfeld stating:


 “Having a cousin as a math teacher confirmed what I already knew. The only ‘legitimate’ equation in the problem is LINE 3. LINES 1&2 are meaningless and obviously put there to trick or confuse potential problem solvers. Nowhere in the example does it even IMPLY that all 3 lines must be used to obtain an answer, therefore the obvious solution is ‘2’, as follows 1+(1×0)+1=2. Math is simply nothing but logic and you can’t ASSUME things that aren’t stated. End of story.”


One clear warning sign for incompetence is the use of arbitrary (emotional) reasoning veiled in flawed logic.  

His logic is chaotic and contradictory. He tells us not to assume things that aren’t stated, but it seems to be OK to ignore things that are. “Math is nothing but logic,” but nothing he writes is consistently logical.  This contagious batshit incompetence is confirmed by a math teacher. 


Well, that certainly “ends the story” for me! This seal of approval is second only to that of the God(s) of Math. I’m so overwhelmed and awed by this intellectual brilliance that I’m going to shed my genetic enhancement and return to the trees of my ancestors.


An important theme to remember while studying and learning mathematics (or any subject) is there are many more wrong answers than correct answers. Part of the learning process is to recognize and repel stupid and dumb. Repelling this will help to keep you from embracing it.   



Sep 18, 2018