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Questions 2
Answers 523


Hi Melody,

This guest post isn’t mine.  This is Mr. BB(2). I suppose I could imitate him using a “monkey see, monkey do” method. To make it more natural, I’d need to eat a few pot-laced brownies and chase them with banana daiquiris infused with 1800 imperial minims of over-proof rum. But I usually just stay sober and troll the BB’s typical dumbness. Here, JB trolls this BB by using my proxy: https://web2.0calc.com/questions/dice-help#r2. JB did an excellent job of throwing this BB off the Troll’s bridge.


This post is much better than his usual inept, sloppy fare. He actually replies with a coherent and usable formula giving its reference, instead of a general equation with an incoherent narrative of BS describing how he derived his answer.  Mr. BB has referenced this post before, here: https://web2.0calc.com/questions/the-minimum-number#r3 Apparently he has a great affinity for Naus’ generating function leading to a modified Sterling number. 

Nauseated’s presentation is a wonder, for sure!





PS You're welcome smiley

Nov 6, 2018