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I noticed this wrong answer when Rom made the post. My first instinct was to correct it, but I realized Rom is tacking (into the wind). That is, he did this intentionally. Rom correctly answered this exact same question, here  a few hours before, and I think it unlikely his brain fell asleep before answering the next one. . Even if it did, he could still answer these questions. 


Here’s another wrong answer on one of Logic’s question posts.

I’m not sure if Rom was tacking or jibbing for this one, but the idea is the same –it’s intentional.


Rom usually corrects his mistakes or deletes the post. But these he leaves in plain view.  So now the question is why?


Logic brings his banana-boat load of bananas into web2.0calc’s port periodically and expects us to peel them. We usually oblige because we like peeling bananas and some of us like to eat them.  While we are examining and peeling theses bananas, we notice that Logic does not seem to be logically engaged, in fact, he doesn’t seem to be engaged at all.


Looking around, at least one of us sees him picking nits off his pet monkey, who is also his first-mate, named Gilligan.  Oops, sorry wrong analogy.


One clear indication of disengagement is Logic repeats questions—questions that have correct and clearly presented solutions


Duplicate questions


Duplicate questions


Looking at his profile, you can see 127 questions and 7 answer/replies.  Logic is not an engaged student.  The replies are highly abbreviated –except for one –it’s the one where he responds to Rom’s wrong answer


Posting an incorrect solution is an effective (and inspired) way to compel a response from an otherwise unengaged student.  It’s also a great way to troll. . . . Nauseated sometimes did this.  Here’s one where he implies an intentional error. 

This was a tease for Rosala, and bait for Sir CPhill. smiley



Dec 9, 2018