In the diagram below AM = BM = CM,  and angle BMC + angle B = 201 degrees.  Find angle A in degrees.


 Aug 21, 2021

See my response here: https://web2.0calc.com/questions/help-with-geometry_125


Please note the question is slightly different at the end but the steps are literally identical

 Aug 21, 2021

The correct question would be:

In the diagram below AM = BM = CM,  and angle BMC + angle A = 201 degrees.  Find angle B in degrees.


Angle AMC = x


(180 - x) + 1/2(180 - x) = 201


x = 46


∠B = 46 / 2 = 23º

jugoslav  Aug 21, 2021
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There is no solution for this question as stated

The sum of two included angles (BMC + angle B) of a triangle has to be less than 180° The question states the sum of 201° for these angles.



Your solution for this question https://web2.0calc.com/questions/help-with-geometry_125  is atrocious. 

It’s worthy of nomination for the Fields MeTal. Category: Mind Numbingly Atrocious 




 Aug 21, 2021
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Guest, I am sorry to hear that.


It is clear that your first statement is correct, and it is my mistake that I have not gone over the question carefully.




I have checked at the original site whether my answer is correct, and I have come to the conclusion that it is. If you are making fun of it because I have not directly included the answer, than I have nothing to say for you but answer-dependent. Otherwise, you will have to convince me that my process of solution is wrong.


Finally, I have a picture of my work of all the angles marked out accordingly to the given statements. I have confirmed repeatedly, and unless you can give convincing reasons to use the word ATROCIOUS and the Field MeTal, I will have to flag your response in the name of mis-accusing.


The picture is here:

The original site, in case you forgot it, is here: https://web2.0calc.com/questions/help-with-geometry_125

OrangeJuicy  Aug 21, 2021

Ok.... Here are some convincing reasons for my use of the adjective “atrocious,” and for your nomination for the Fields MeTal: “Mind Numbingly Atrocious” category. (You can see this identifying category by mousing over the emoji at the end of my first post,)


The question you attempted to answer is an introductory level geometry question. A moderately practiced student should be able to answer this question in about 5 to 7 minutes.  After composing the equations, solving, and checking, I then examined your solution.


At first glance your solution looked like a rambling string of hodgepodge equations. I’d never seen anything like this before. I thought perhaps you may have taken a unique, less traveled, solution path to contrast the sometimes hidden mathematical relationships that come to light while solving a problem. I also thought the six points on your post, which is a lot –even for a masterpiece solution, was for your wonderful unique solution.   


With a closer inspection, I examined the path and followed the circuitous route, which lead into left field, through cactus, bramble bushes, and a cesspool –the route was brutal, and then at the end where the result should be was a gaping hole. The hole wasn’t because you didn’t post the numeric answer, it’s because you wrote B=MCB, and MCB is not defined in your solution path.   I don’t know what was in that hole, but it wasn’t an answer. 


I spent 45 minutes analyzing your equations. Ten minutes into the process, my brain started overheating and going numb. I ignored the warning alarms and continued. At 45 minutes the thermal circuit breakers tripped and the higher functioning parts of me brain shut down. 


While I was unconscious, I dreamt I went to heII. Itwas a pretty good dream: while I was down there, I saw Sister Alice –she was my math teacher for 7th, 8th, and the first half of 9th grades.  Little devils were stabbing her with pitchforks inscribed with errant math equations –including one with your equation. I woke up to my cat laying on me, licking my face. I don’t think he was concerned about me; he just wanted some fermented tuna juice.


After giving my cat his fermented tuna juice, I returned to your solution. I noticed your equations had a similar aroma to the fermented tuna juice.


I decided to nominate your solution for the Fields MeTal Prize. For obvious reasons, I chose the “Mind-numbingly Atrocious” category.  If there was a Smells Like Fermented Fish Category, or Sour Orange Juice category I would have nominated it for those too. 


I doubt you will win, but you should get an honorable mention.


I sent a proposal to the Fields MeTal Board of Directors, suggesting a new category: Equations Worthy of Inscription on Pitchforks Used in HeII.



One more thing: you shouldn’t inflate the points on your posts. Doing that devalues the legitimate points given to you by others. 




Guest Aug 22, 2021
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This question is nonsense.


Answerers have changed the question to fit in with their solutions but the simple fact is that this question is total nonsense.

The angle sum of a triangle is 180 degrees therefore 2 internal angles cannot add up to more than that.

 Aug 21, 2021

This question is not nonsense; it's just wrongly typed.cheeky


Jugoslav corrected the question and gave the right answer! smiley

Guest Aug 24, 2021

This question is not nonsense; it's just wrongly typed.  cheeky

Jugoslav corrected the question and gave the right answer! smiley


Let’s see...

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,


*Wrongly typed question ... has no solutions as presented. 

*Wrongly typed question could equal nonsense.

*Correctly typed question presented by a teacher to demonstrate that some questions have no solution. 


Catch a solution by the toe....


*Modify wrongly typed question by transposing angles A and B.  Solve

*Modify correctly typed question presented by a teacher to demonstrate that some questions have no solution, by transposing angles A and B and solve, defeating the purpose of the teacher presenting a question that has no solution


Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,

Me mum says to pick the very best one ... but which one is it? ??



Guest Aug 24, 2021
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