Alan Dec 22, 2014

Well it will be hard for you to keep up with (or even get close to) if you don't make an example out of them ;) I am a web developer so I am just looking at it on a user accessibility way, not from my own perspective only. I don't care what you do with it it's just an advice. It's really hard to find this website (I found it true a calculator) and the domain name is just terrible so you guys have a lot there going on for you but that would be a nice start.

GuestDec 22, 2014

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Hi all,


Today our answerers were CPhill, Geno3141, Nauseated, Pyramid and Alan.  Thanks guys.


Interest post:


1)  Great Puzzle - We always like puzzles to be shared.  Thanks Anon and Geno.

2)  I did like CPhill's fun answer here.  Thanks Chris.

3)  Chrismas Songs - Jillybean would like you to share your favourite christmas songs with her. 

Thanks Jillybean and Chris.

4)  Physics - Thanks Nauseated but you do not seem too sure of your answer. I wonder if it is correct?

5)  Physics - Thanks Alan

6)  A really good indice answer.   Thanks anon

7)  The trig bearings question really tested my abilities with geogebra.  It is a good question too.


And that is it for my evening    Many of you are on holidays.  I trust you are having a good time.   


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Melody Dec 22, 2014

Tues 23/12/14

Linear equation - Just a little different.  Thanks Geno

Vectors    Thanks Alan


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Melody Dec 22, 2014

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