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Hello all,


There were a number of good questions today.  Our industrious and learned answerers were CPhill, Rosala, Alan, Juhaszbenedek08, Tiagunix and geno3141.  Thanks all.     


Now for some interest posts:


The first four were all suggested by CPhill. I am always pleased when people request interest posts to be included.  Thanks Chris  

1)  Simplifying indices - A pretty cool question

2) An interesting co-ordinate geometry question.   Thanks to Melody and Chris

3) An interesting trapezium area question.  Thanks Chris

4) Finding the 4th side of a quadrilateral that is circumscribed by a circle. Thanks Melody and Chris

5) finding root using secant method.   Thanks Alan


And that is it for today  


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Melody Dec 29, 2014

Tues 30/12/14

1)  How do you change different base numbers to base 10 ?  In this case base 2.  Thanks Gino

2)  A simple but important concept for our younger followers  Thanks Geno

3) Geno answered lots of great geometry questions - most related to rhombuses.  This one didn't 

Thanks Geno.

4)    What is Phi ( φ )?       Thanks Chris

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Melody Dec 29, 2014

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