GuestDec 28, 2014

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hi everyone, 

There were were a few more questions today and some were quite good ones.

Our answerers were gino3141, CPhill, roasala, school, tyvlad012 and Alan.  Thanks all.


Interest posts:

1) Here is one for middle level trig students to have a go at - I have not actually finished it.

2) Simplifying indices - they can be messy

3) Area ratio of inscribed to circumscribed circles - Thanks Alan

4) Unusual area question

5) Another great length question. - Great pre-runner to calculus   :)

6) I like this difference of 2 squares question because I like how rosala always tells us when she does not understand our explanations.  Thanks rosala


And that is it for another day :)


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Melody Dec 28, 2014
Melody Dec 28, 2014

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