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Hi everyone,

I have not posted a wrap for a few days.  I have been preoccupied I am sorry.  


There have been many great questions and most of these were answered very well by Tetration, CPhill, ororen1909, NotTheBestMathMaster, rajaae, Kitty<3, Alan, and geno3141.  Thanks all  


Now there were many good post.  Here are some of them.  

Every maths mover must be able to find something interesting in there.  


1) Interesting domain question.

2) Interesting trig.  Unit circle and exact values.   Melody

3) What are permutations and combinations ?      Melody

4) A really good rates and volume question.        Melody

5) Physics    Thanks Alan

6) Some geometry.  Chris would like someone to check his answer but he thinks it is good.  Thanks Chris.

7) All in fun :))    NotTheBestMathMaster, Melody, Nauseated, Alan and CPhil.

8) Formula for triangular numbers  Thanks Alan and Chris

9) Parabola question, different from the norm - Thanks Alan

10) This is not a high level question but I liked it. (percantages)  :)

11) A couple of revision/learning sites suggested by Chris

12) Proof by Induction  Thanks Chris


That is it for today.  Thanks everyone  


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Jan 5, 2015
Jan 5, 2015

Answering some of those questions you posted yesterday sent me scurrying back to refresh my memory too, JayyH  !!!!

But that's's always good to review things.....

Here's a couple that I used.....

If it's any consolation...I always found this topic a little difficult, as well!!!


Jan 5, 2015
Jan 5, 2015

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